Coming soon...

Doing Wintersday themed things just for the fun of it. ;-)


Dec 6

Start with wire

Add foil underneath


Dec 7

Its not easy being green (and handless)

Ok, it's face is starting to creep me out.

Dec 8

Started work on hands and feet, adding more detail to body. 


Dec 09

Dec 14


Mini polar bear cuteness to balance the grentchs creepiness!

Dec 15

More bears!


Dec 20/21

Hey Rocky, watch me saw a pumpkin in half!  hehe  Recycling old projects.  (I kept the front part and stem and that going on my wall as a mask.)

Sprayed inside and out silver. Tried just painting with the blues it but it didnt look right. On to next idea.

Painted aluminum foil with white and metallic blue acrylic paint.

Crinkled the foil and glued it in. Then I sponged it with ice blue metallic and light blue with sparkles paint.  Finally a coat of EnviroTex Lite. Cant really do any more work on it for a day now.


Frozen Ecto and Obsidian Shard bracelet!


Dec 22

Attached the cave to the base.  (Base is made of plywood and pink insulation sheet).  Drilled holes and started inserting LED lights, covered base with white duct tape because I didnt want to wait for paint to dry. NO stores had any white LED Christmas lights anymore so adjusting original plan again.

Covered the outer shell with snow batting. Added in the white LED garland, minus the garland part.  Using quilt batting for the floor layer. 

Testing out arrangement as I wait for the Grentch to bake. He will stand where the green LEDs are. Planning a fire or something where the red LEDs are. Added some ribbon trim around the front.



Dec 24


Made the basic form with masking tape, plastic bags, and stuffing.

Making a pattern.

Drew and cut out pattern on test fabric. It is a darker grey than what I wanted, but it is what was on my shelf already.

Dec 26

Test quagaan is sewn. There are a few alterations to the pattern I need to make but overall it seems ok.  I dont think I have time to make a second proper one so this little guy will have to be my entry. Time to dress him up!


Dec 27

Been working on the quaggans decorations. Sewing on beads is slow work.


Havent forgotten this project. Just need to add a few more things.


Dec 28

Finished the beading.

Dec 29


Dec 30

Having fun with lighting and rearranging.